German Cuckoo Clocks:A timeless majesty

German Cuckoo Clocks


Imagine yourself as a lone traveller exploring the serene backdrop of the majestic Black forest of Germany and you stumble upon a hut full of excited tourists gathered to listen to the history and mechanics of a German pride. Yes, I am referring to the clock designed in time, the historic Cuckoo clock and you can not help the thought of having one of these collectible cuckoo clocks in your drawing room.

A brief history

 Although it is not known who invented these collectible cuckoo clocks and where but these were popularised around the Black Forest area in Germany. A small village namely Triberg situated in the Black Forest area in Germany is known as the home of the famous collectible cuckoo clocks in the whole world. The Germans have carved their wild nature in form of wild animals on to these collectible cuckoo clocks. The concept of using cuckoos to tell time has not originated from Germany but the collectible cuckoo clocks as we know today sure did.

The Clock designed in time

 The collectible cuckoo clocks are generically pendulum operated clocks striking the hours like the call of a cuckoo and it’s usually one or two cuckoo birds moving their body or beaks with each note. Originally made of wood, the collectible cuckoo clocks have witnessed a stylistic revolution in terms of material, design and making. These majestic timekeepers are told apart by their schematic and minimalistic aesthetic. These hand-carved collectible cuckoo clocks make a striking cuckoo noise and the bird announces the time at hand by his chirp.
I have had the good fortune of visiting the Black Forst and was awestruck by the people giving demos of the making of these clocks as well as the proud German history associated with it. I walked into the room, closed my eyes and just listened; tick tock tick tock; I get it.
These days, these collectible cuckoo clocks come in different styles, sizes and prices and make an excellent antique for collection. Many renowned watch makers have taken it upon themselves to carry on the legacy of these collectible cuckoo clocks by making and branding them with other modern wearables and this blend of historic pride and technological genius is a sight to behold.

Wrapping up

 The collectible cuckoo clocks have changed minimally since the beginning and this is one of the most wonderful things about these. They take you through a trip in time, you see yourself growing up. Once toy for the rich, these are reminders of memories of the time gone by.